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Hello, Bonjour, A3lan



If you are on this page, it means that you have expressed your interest to work with us on your project.

This is our first interaction. At this stage, the more information we gather about your project, the more insightful we can be.

The questionnaire will take about 20 minutes and contains 15 questions.


We totally get that it can be time consuming therefore we have two options :


  1. Click on "let's do it together" and we will go through the questionnaire together during the 60 minutes E-Design video call.  

  2. Grab a cup of tea and go through the questionnaire, imagine your project and fine tune your vision, so our 60 minutes meeting will be all about feeding your project.

Next step : we will then get back to you to schedule our meeting.

We are looking forward to meeting you,

Warm Regards,



Chief Amazement Officer

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