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  • Awatef Zaoui

House Bed, The transition bed of 2022

Today we are going to speak about a trendy bed: The HUT/House bed.

In 2022, it was all about bring the outdoors in… Maybe a covid PTSD? Maybe an easy DIY project very trendy these pas years? Or just an organic need to be closer to the nature… We will never know… What We can say for sure is that the house or hut bed is amazing for transition: 3 to 7 years old will enjoy it and use it for more than sleeping.

Let me tell you why I love the House/Hut bed

1- It is a low bed meaning that your LO will be able to move in and out as they wish . It will offer autonomy and a sense of “ I am a big boy/girl” which is perfect for this transition age bracket.

2- It has a minimalist touch that works with any already existing style. Once you remove the crib, you can just add this bed et voila…

3- It comes within different shapes : the treehouse, the hut bed with storage, the one with barrier… The wood finish makes your little one feel like a camp.

4- It comes in different shape and size accommodating single and queen size mattress. It is also come as a bunk bed which can be very handy for siblings or frequent sleepovers

5- According to the Montessori rules, there is no slat bed base to keep your child’s mattress on the ground. Having the bed on the floor is a way of giving your baby a room that is on their level.

6- We have beautiful Budget friendly option available in the market.

7- The solid surface of the platform can reduce the tossing and turning during the night

Things to keep in mind (or cons)

1- Limited storage. Some come with drawers built into the frame but mostly very limited. It is not a suitable option if the room is small.

2- Not easy to move around because of the open space kind of structure.

3- You need an extra attention due to the fact that the mattress might be at the electrical socket

How we tackle it

For one of our project, we have used a gorgeous hut bed and to reduce the risk and offer more comfort to our 4 years old client we have customised a 100% cotton hut canopy reinforcing the style and giving the bed more character. It wasn’t only a aesthetic decision

  • We wanted to hide any visible socket that can be attractive to our children curious mind.

  • Being in UAE, the use of AC is frequent. Our 100% cotton hut canopy offered a soft protecting again the harsh AC air

  • The shade is perfect for our early sleeping (or napping) client.

  • It offers a nest feeling during story time

  • And very important, it is the perfect spot for a hide and seek game.

We have selected few house beds available in the UAE (non sponsored) suiting different budget

Gorgeous, we can always customise a perfect canopy for your comfort.

Hope you enjoy our selection and tips.

We love to interact with you, please feel free to comment below xxx

With Love and Care

Warmest Regards,


Chief of Amazement x


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