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Pre-teen Bedroom : Quick hacks to revamp the Ikea's furnished room.

Would you believe that this room is 100% Ikea furnished?

Yallah, let's share our super power

Using existing furnishings, we give this pre-bedroom teen's some flair. It was all about putting all the pieces together and taking it to the next level. This project was a very exciting adventure and we hope you will love the show.

Check the BEFORE :

We decided to use the furniture we already had, like the bed and wardrobe, which gave us much-needed storage space and allow us to use the budget efficiently.

To make it appear as though the wardrobe was built in, we constructed a gypsum structure around it, which also created a space for a workstation. To counteract the chilly feel of the existing floor tiles, we added wall cladding with a wood finish to the gypsum structure. We also included a pendant lighting for studying.

To provide enough room for our bibliophile, we chose to build a unique floor to ceiling bookcase. To connect all the elements, we used the same wall covering that was used as a rappel.

Orange is a favourite colour of our client. It is a colour that inspires energy, excitement, and passion, and we intentionally place it at the workstation because schoolwork can be tiring. Blue is the colour of safety, confidence, and trust, so we put it on the bottom of the walls to give them more strength.

As complementary colours, blue and orange are located on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. We think the coupling is perfect for a pre-teen boy because they complement and balance each other.

We framed his well-earned belt since it symbolises his dedication to martial arts and serves as a continual reminder of his commitment. He said it was a great way to remind himself that great things don't happen overnight. We purposefully left an empty frame for his ultimate Black Belt.

It wouldn't be a pre-teen room without some LED lighting. To customize a blue LED wall mounted accent item, we invited our client to choose one word. GRIT was his choice, and we loved it! It enhances the wall art Gallery by combining uniquely sourced art, his certificate, and his own drawings.

In terms of surprise, we designed a Graffiti focal wall featuring the legendary Dragon Ball Z hero. With just 4 hours of work, the "waw" was assured.

To visually expand the bedroom, we coordinated the curtain and walls so that the eyes are always exploring the space without interruption.

His bedroom is a masculine environment in which his individuality can flourish. We wish to see our Pre-teen client develop into a well-rounded teenager who is always exploring his potential with passion and love.

Can you believe that this room 100% Ikea furnished?

This project started as a E-Design service and Project Management was added for a couple of hours supervisions.

Thank you for trusting us,

With Love and Care


Chief of Amazement at Interior by Awatef

NB : Click here to look at the Portfolio


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Wall Painting : Benjamin Moore

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Artwork here

Graffiti artist Insta account here


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