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  • Awatef Zaoui

"I know and I can"

Parents may save 10–25% on furniture and home decor from top retailers...

Helping parents design a space for their children to grow up in is a team effort in which parents put a lot of thought, emotion, desire, vision, time, and money. In this capacity, we seek first to comprehend, then to imagine, then to translate into design, and finally to put into action.

PInterest, Instagram, inspirations are great platforms for inspirations

We put out a survey a few weeks ago on our social media pages to help us improve our services and meet our clients where they were. The survey gave us a lot of important information that will help us serve parents better. For example, 34% of parents said they "have a clear vision and time to take care of it themselves" when it comes to decorating their children's rooms.

Before diving into the work of enhancing their children's bedrooms, the same parents will follow social media profiles for inspiration, even asking inquiries or booking complimentary calls.

We then pondered how we may assist them. They are doing a great job, are resourceful, have a good budget, and prefer to put all of it back into their project. They have moved so much that they know what good looks like, what not to do, and they feel ready... How then can we assist? We decide to give them what they need to have : more room to apply their their vision.

Now you can have access to our Affiliated Interior designer discounts with major brands by booking our new service Shop for Me.

Our mission is to help parents to design creative spaces for your children to grow in.

Parents may save 10–25% on furniture and home decor from top retailers including Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm, The One, Marina Home, and more.

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