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5 Back to School Sleep tips.

Summer is usually a time where routines are more flexible. As parents, we want our kids to have a rested night and wake up ready to embrace a new day. Although we don’t have a magic wand, here are 5 tips to get best conditions on the interior design perspective. But every day is unique, as are all families. We hope you will find something to take away with you.

Yallah, here are 5 steps to nail it
  • The bed….obviously

Choose a bed your child loves. Involve her/him in the process of choosing. We are lucky to have lot of options when it comes to design and budget. Based on your child’s age, an evolutive bed could be a good option. Low height beds too. Those beds will allow your little one to move freely. Avoid sharp corners and do not hesitate to get rails to avoid any fall.

  • Invest in a good mattress

Make sure that you invest in a good quality mattress that support your children’s bones and is also offering comfort. Mattress needs to be changed every 6-8 years so consider it as an investment.

We recommend rotating and/or flipping your mattress at least once every three months to keep it in good shape. This implies shifting your mattress from the head to the foot of your bed - from top to bottom. It is important because it enables in the even distribution of the comfort fillings.

picture courtesy @imperialmattress

  • Bedding is also essential

Make the bed as comfortable as possible Invite your child to decide on the colours, patterns, and bedspread to make it unique. Create a nest out of soft shapes and fabrics to create a safe feeling. Ideally, buy natural fibres such as cotton and linen which are breathable and easy to maintain. Also add some comfort with different size and texture cushions and throws.

  • Better Rest in a Clear room

When things get messy, it's difficult to fall asleep, so encourage kids to keep their room neat. Make it simple to keep things organize with drawers at their heights and reachable baskets and hooks.

  • Warm Lighting

Make it easier for sleepy children to move between rooms at night with a concealed lighting strip provides a soothing, guiding light without straining sensitive eyes. We don’t want to plunge the bedroom into darkness of an evening, lighting some well-lamp is perfect for creating a warm, cocooning space – ideal for restful sleep. Try to avoid direct, angle style lights for your bedside lamp, instead opting for a linen or dark coloured shade.

Sleep is important for children (and adults too by the way) because it is when they do most of their growing and developing. If they don't get enough sleep, it can affected their mood, ability to focus, and health. This, along with a peaceful nighttime routine, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, can help ensure your child gets enough quality sleep time.

Voila, hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave a message below if you have other tips or if you would like to see more content like this in the future.

Thank you

Good night :)



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