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  • Awatef Zaoui

60-30-10 Apply to a Kids' room

The 60-30-10 rule is a styling rule that can help you to put a colour palette together easily. The proportion is meant to give balance to the colour used in any space.

The 60% is the main colour. In your kid’s bedroom it would be most of your wall, large rugs, the main furniture colour. This colour will be dominant and serve as a canvas for what comes next.

Then the 30% share will be a different colour used half as much as the primary one. We are thinking of the draperies, accent pieces such as a chair, beddings or even the accent wall. This colour will support the primary one but different from it.

Finally, the fun 10%. This could be the decorative pieces, artwork, accent pillows, bedside table, canopies… Take your favourite decorative pieces, choose one of the colours in it and splash it in small touches.

How to use it?

Once you know which colour scheme you want to go for, choose 3 colours (use your colour wheel).

If it is your first project, opt for colours that are within the same intensity and shade. Analogous and Triad would be your best options. The 60-30-10 guideline you will help you to achieve a pro-like look.

Do you want to be a little more inventive? No problem, we enjoy it as well.

Remember that the toys and books in a child's room are usually brightly coloured. So a monochromatic colour scheme will not have that perfect magazine look, and that is fine because we want the kids to fully enjoy her/his area, have her/his toys available, and have easy access to her/his books...

Create a monochromatic colour scheme with accent colours that are likely to be shades of the main colour. The outlook will surely be soothing. The colour’s weight will be light on the eye, and adding a flash of colour with a blanket, art frame, or planter will not be ignored.

Tips : Your little on wants a fresh look

Easy, opt for another accent colour (remember the 10%) and your little one’s room will get another feel.

Voila for today,

I hope you enjoy the quick note !

I would love to hear about you, leave me a comment below.

Thank you

Have a great day


Wizard x


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