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  • Awatef Zaoui

Clean-up for spring

Time to go through the children's room and clear it out. Why not declutter and open up the room before the lengthy summer break?

I'll show you how I do it:


My method is to take everything out, category by category, and keep only what we use or absolutely adore. If you break the job down into smaller parts, it will be easier to get it done. You can start with bedding, then clothes and toys, then books and hair clips, then shoes and bathroom products. Select your own beat, but act. You can do so much in a single hour. Charities will be happy to get your clothes, toys, and books that you don't need any more. I am often amazed to see how well my kids' clothes are kept. I think that their school uniforms help a lot. Offering them to our nannies, gardeners, security staff, or technicians is another good way to give them a second life.

2-Reexamine your storage options

You'll be able to organise your storage space now. It's much easier to sort out your boxes and baskets if you know what's going to be in the space. Spend a few moments measuring and calculating the available space. To maintain a cohesive look, it is important to stick to a single colour palette. Storage boxes that are orderly and symmetrical improve the appearance of an otherwise cluttered space.

3- Change the look.

Okay, the room appears to be in order. There are a few simple tactics and tips you can use to give your space a fresh new look without breaking the wallet.

Here is how I see it

- You can give your kids' room a new lease on life with a simple coat of paint. Tenant? Don't worry, those detachable wallpapers can be peeled away without leaving a trace. Keep an eye on the @wallinlovedecals

-New bedding, a couple pillows, and a new throw. Perhaps new beddings, few cushions, and a new throw. With the air conditioning on for an extended period, a plush bed makes a significant difference. Go for 100% natural fibre (cotton, linen are my fav), they are easy to maintain.

-Artwork and photos to bring back memories of the best time of the year!. Print off photos of their winter vacations, their new best friend, and any certificates they've won this year. Have a look at @drawdeck, the children’s collection is inspiring.

A little advice : Using the 60/30/10 guideline is your best bet to keep things tidy throughout this final step.

What to involve your kids, that’s the LO for this task : Your children will benefit from practicing making decisions about their own needs, values, and what they can let go of if you include them in the process.

It's also humbling for Dubai kids to learn that the things they throw away can be put to good use by someone else.

Remember one step at the time and one room at the time.

Enjoy your Eid break and see you soon.

Love and Colours,



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