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  • Awatef Zaoui

Dear Disney,

The enchantment is fleeing the kingdom, and with it the public's trust and money.

I may have a suggestion for you. I have a story for you inspired by six weeks of intensive matches.

Close your eyes… and read that… Well open your eyes and read please.

Let's pretend that the Depp vs. Amber trial happened a few years ago. before # metoo. Prior the campaign against gender-based violence... That could have been the Headline:

"An alcoholic and drug addict Hollywood star assaulted his younger, beautiful and frail wife."


  1. Male signs a cheque with many zeros,

  2. Female writes a book

  3. Female appears in Oprah.

  4. Male find another frail female

End of the story.

Now Disney, let me tell you about my perspective and the thing that strikes me the most...

I believe it could be your future blockbuster synopsis.

The ferocity with which women wield their power.

The competition was dominated by women.

Patty Jenkins couldn't have hoped for a better cast for her upcoming movie ( I suggest her as a director by the way...).

- A stunning blond artist, aided by her boyfriend's network and her beauty

- A brunette lawyer from working-class background with a lot of guts

- A senior lady mastering the art of wisdom and serenity

The trailer :

Fire vs. ice.

Intellectual vs. Artist

Female vs. Female, a match made in heaven.

On their field, two goddesses

His reputation is on the line ...


Calm the storm...

Children are not small adults.

Guys, let childhood happen…

Our little ones have to deal with lots of s#*% with the covid situation.

They need hope.

They need peace.

They need ambition and dreams.

Eventually, they will find out who they are and with whom they want to sleep.

They will find out.

No need persuade, to influence... or to lobby them.

Meanwhile, our mission as adults is to let them BE.

We need to empower their soul with confidence, feed their heart with love, and mind with enough openess to dare to be. Just be. (on this I will need @drsalihaafridi opinion...).

Let them grow.

Give them some time.

Disney, I can only draw on AutoCAD. My skill is to design kids’ spaces for children to grow… however if I can help to fine tune what I believe should be your next project, please feel free to get in touch!

With Love and Care


Chief of Amazement.


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