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  • Awatef Zaoui

Meghan, Katy and the World Book Day.

Last week, kids were invited to come to school disguised as their favourite character to celebrate the World Book day. My eldest son's DBZ outfit was ready but my daughter was still unsure. We went through her books together and after a first selection, we narrowed the options to three piles.

  • Pile one: princesses desperate to find their princes and get a better life, and the outfit was not cool enough to her taste,

  • Pile two: mighty girls solving unravelling mysteries in a tiny t-shirt and a tinier short, and the outfit was not enough to my taste,

  • Pile three : biographies of amazing women and girls that had no costumes but a great impact in the world. Luckily, we found an agreement. We had the choice between Malala, Michelle Obama and Katherine Johnson. My daughter chose Katherine Johnson, not because she was a mathematician who worked at NASA but for the obvious reason that she wears glasses and has curly hair… “Just like me,” she said.

I have never really pondered the impact of representation in the public sphere thinking that it was a demagogic topic often used to make noise. Who cares about your colour or your gender when you break world records? Well, in theory it is a noble reflexion but news’ headlines indicate that sex and ethnicity sell… Conversations about an attorney who became vice president of a country are emulated by the fact that 1-she is a woman, 2- she is half afro half Asian. Few days ago, I watched an interview where a “biracial” woman was mentioning that, while pregnant, the colour of her son would have been an issue with her in-laws… Right now, writing on this topic, I sense that I am touching sensitive topics and it really creates some kind of discomfort and a necessity to choose the right words.

I thought that humanity reaches a level where colour and gender do not matter. Unfortunately, some movement such as #blacklifematters or #metoo reminds us that there is a huge room for improvement.

Coming back to our World Book day, we were both very happy to find a real-life heroine who physically looked like my daughter, represents principles that we value as a family, and had a costum easy to find (me being pragmatic here). Katy (yeah, we call her Katy now) worked 35 years at NASA and calculated the precise trajectories that would let Apollo 11 land on the moon in 1969. THE MOON!

And here is my transition to the theme of this week: Space.

  1. Inspiration

It is fascinating topics that will feed curiosity from 1 to 111 years old. It often leaves people astonished by the mystery beyond its atmosphere. The space themed bedroom is equally appreciated by girls and boys. The child is mesmerized by the beauty of outer space and adults too.

Let’s get some inspiration for our theme this week: Space. Dark skies, stars, planets, astronauts and rockets put together to offer the wonder of the universe. Blast off 💥

  1. Light On or few tips for our toddler rooms.

Criteria number one is safety and we need to think in terms of age and height. Toddlers, those curious creatures around a meter height, are not afraid to fail and try again (how many times they fell before their first steps is a lesson of resilience right). So make sure that cables, bulbs and actual fixtures are safe and out of reach.

For the rest, here are few tips

  1. Add to the cart

Get some pieces to finalize the Exploring Space room

As details are the zest of Design, here is a selection of the three items “In My Cart”. I usually enjoy buying local, supporting small businesses, whenever possible. If it is a piece that can evolve with us, it is an added bonus.

I would love to share few gems:

Small Spaces Ladder Bookcase from @potterybarnkidsmena

Crafted with three spacious shelves, this piece keeps your little one’s books, awards and more neatly displayed and organized. Most importantly, it was constructed from made-to-last materials to ensure safety, stability and longevity. This piece will grow with your kids and is quite versatile. Let’s add to my cart!

Watermark Rug from @westelm

As if an artist took a paintbrush to a canvas, this Watermark Rug adds a soft, calming touch to any space with its abstract pattern and rounded edges. It reminds me of the moon and has a very soft feels. The dimension is generous (183cm). Let’s add it to my cart!

Edu Toys - 288x Astrolon Telescope with Aluminium Tripod from @mumzworldcom

Who knows, maybe the next discovery is theirs? This EDU Toys Optical Science series encourages inquisitive children to explore the world of science. Cool introduction to exploring the skies, this will also go to my cart!

Et voila, I hope you enjoy this journey above the Earth and within our identities.

Creating an environment that suits your needs, offers serenity and room for possibilities are the guidelines that I like to apply when designing my clients’ projects.

I am always grateful to be part of your journey.

Thank you for your trust.


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